"James Gordon, the time for your penance has come. (Gordon: Who are you?) I am Azrael. Righteous scourage of sinners! & I have come to kill you, James Gordon."—Theo Galavan

Theodore "Theo" Galavan was the mayor of Gotham City và the chairman of development at the Gotham Chamber of Commerce. He was a descendant of the Dumas family, who had returned khổng lồ Gotham khổng lồ seek revenge on those who had wronged his family, especially Bruce Wayne, & reclaim control of the city. After being murdered by Jim Gordon, Galavan was later revived by Hugo Strange, being given the identity of Azrael to vị Strange"s bidding and try to kill Gordon. Theo was killed a second time with the combined efforts of Oswald Cobblepot và Butch Gilzeanusing a rocket launcher.

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Early life

Theo along with his sister Tabitha, grew in an estate by the sea, owning several dogs và horses, until the monks took Theo away. He was completely sculpted by the monks teachings và became obsessed with getting revenge on the Waynes & retaking Gotham, although he also became ruthless & cruel even towards his own family.

Arrival in Gotham

Theo và Tabitha were later sent to Gotham by the Order of St. Dumas with the orders lớn kill Bruce Wayne. He gave Zaardon knock out gas in the size of a blue liquid. Zaardon was then sent to lớn Arkham Asylum after being arrested by Officer Gordon. While there, he served his purpose as a carrier, expelling the gas through the mouth, thus killing him, rendering six inmates unconscious, and allowing his sister Tabitha to lớn break into the mental institution to break these six inmates out.

Theo later gave a speech at Gillian Loeb"s retirement conference, standing in for Mayor Aubrey James who couldn"t be there, and thanking Loeb for his service as the commissioner. Later, at a penthouse, Theo introduced himself và his sister Tabitha khổng lồ the kidnapped inmates, offering them the chance khổng lồ become a team of brilliant outlaws, that would make Gotham thành phố tremble. After Richard Sionis refused, becoming jealous that Theo touched Barbara, Galavan had him killed by his sister Tabitha.

Theo later forced a captured Mayor James khổng lồ choose between two options, option A being a spider being put in the box over his head, or option B, calling his secretary Maggie và telling her that he had ran away with a woman, & would send written instructions soon after. After James agreed khổng lồ choose option B, Theo opened the hatch lớn James" box, và after being asked by the latter why he was doing such a thing, Galavan told James that he was a part of a great endeavor & that monsters were coming khổng lồ Gotham thành phố that would cleanse it in blood and fire. He later congratulated The Maniax on their recent stunt, making it so that the entire đô thị knew their name. However, Theo told the group that as such, it was time for them lớn make a grand entrance. He then explained his plan khổng lồ Jerome and had the entire group practice their stagecraft, complimenting Jerome on his. Soon afterwards, Tabitha & Barbara walked in whipping the Mayor. Theo was told by the two that they were bored, và Galavan explained khổng lồ Barbara that her time was coming soon, before making sure that the Mayor wasn"t dead, và asking Barbara khổng lồ tell him about Detective James Gordon. Theo later broke up a brewing fight between Jerome and Robert Greenwood, giving the two a gun to play Russian Roulette lớn decide who was the leader of the Maniax. Theo was impressed by Jerome"s madness (pulling the trigger three times, each in a different spot on his head) & named him the leader of the Maniax. Theo later ordered them lớn attack the GCPD as their second big move. Planning a third big move, Theo ordered Jerome, Barbara, and a few henchmen khổng lồ assault the magic show at Gotham Children"s Hospital. They turned the show into a hostage situation. Jerome held Bruce Wayne at gunpoint, saying that he would kill him, Theo revealed his plan when he betrayed Jerome by piercing his neck with a knife, saying that he was the hero this time while Barbara escaped. Theo then said to lớn Gordon that he did what any citizen would, Gordon returned by saying that he wished that was true. Theo was later kissed by Barbara in his hideout, và Tabitha nervously watched.

Mayor of Gotham


Theo announcing his mayoral candidacy.

Galavan kidnapped Gertrud Kapelput, Penguin"s mother & threatened to kill her if Penguin didn"t obey him. Firstly, he ordered Penguin to lớn kill the other mayoral candidates, and attempt a murder at him too, but "miss the shot". On a speech, Galavan declined candidacy, but after the hit-men "attacked" him in front of everyone but "missed" every single shot. He said that if the bad guys want him down, he will run for mayor. Penguin did as Galavan said, brutally murdering Janice Caulfield & almost killing Randall Hobbs. Theo also introduced Silver St. Cloud lớn Bruce Wayne. Theo then had Tabitha abduct Sid Bunderslaw, và then had one of his eyes cut out. Galavan then had Penguin burn several buildings belonging to lớn Wayne Enterprises, and had Penguin"s arsonist steal a knife that was used to lớn slice the hand of his ancestor, using Bunderslaw"s eye for identification purposes. Galavan later met Father Creel in his penthouse, as they discussed the terms about their revenge.

Penguin then had Butch Gilzean infiltrate Galavan"s organization, though he had to slice Butch"s hand just like the Wayne family sliced his ancestor"s hand, in order to lớn properly sell the idea that Penguin had lost his mind và was no longer fit to serve. Galavan firstly believed in Butch, but later caught him obtaining information concerning Penguin"s mother. Galavan then had Tabitha remove Butch"s brainwashed condition. Later, Penguin và his men arrived at the warehouse where his mother Gertrud was being kept. Butch then shot Penguin"s men khổng lồ death after Tabitha stabbed Gertrud to lớn death and cornered Penguin, the latter claimed that Galavan didn"t have the guts to kill him himself và then shouted that he came from a long line of cowards. This angered Theo, prompting him to grab Butch"s revolver and ask Penguin about his last words. Penguin said that he was going khổng lồ kill him, and then wounded Galavan"s neck with the knife Tabitha used to kill Gertrud, escaping later. Theo managed to survive và framed Penguin for Gertrud"s death and for his wound after he was named the mayor of Gotham City. At his mayoral party, Theo was attacked by hordes of criminals working for the Penguin. When Penguin cornered him & Gordon, Oswald told the truth khổng lồ Gordon. Galavan ordered Gordon khổng lồ take Penguin down, but Gordon declined. After Tabitha shot Oswald, Gordon and Bullock shot at Tabitha"s location several times. Penguin then escaped in Galavan"s limo. Galavan then told Gordon that he had hoped Gordon was willing to vì chưng whatever it takes khổng lồ clean Gotham of its monsters. Gordon said that he will, & will start with him.

Galavan then had Barbara go after Gordon. He had Tabitha và many hit-men help Barbara in abducting, later guarding Gordon và Leslie Thompkins. The GCPD forces arrived just in time to lớn save Gordon, & Barbara is seriously wounded. Theo was later arrested for the kidnap of Aubrey James, though not before burning the files containing the identity of The Waynes" killer.


While awaiting trial, Theo was incarcerated at Blackgate Penitentiary. While going through his apartment, Gordon và Barnes found a clergy robe behind one of the paintings. After a hit ordered by Tabitha on Gordon because of Barbara"s status, Theo threatened lớn cut Tabitha"s throat himself if she did anything stupid again, though it would break his heart.

A day later, Galavan was in a conversation with Jim Gordon about Katherine Parks. After that, Galavan was at his trial sitting and listening khổng lồ Mayor James telling everyone who actually kidnapped him. Mayor James said it was not Galavan but rather Cobblepot. Gordon yelled that Mayor James was lying. The judge then declares Galavan to lớn be released. When Galavan addresses Gordon, saying he bears no ill will towards him & the GCPD, Gordon hooks Galavan in the face, causing him to be restrained by two officers who then tased Gordon afterwards. Later at an unknown type of hideout, Gordon woke up to find himself restrained. Galavan then appeared and taunted Gordon. When Gordon revealed his knowledge of the 9 random murders, Galavan then reveals that they"re not all random, causing Gordon khổng lồ realize that he plans to murder Bruce Wayne, "The son of Gotham". Galavan then frees Gordon và taunts him to lớn attack him. When Gordon does, Galavan easily beats him, demonstrating his martial arts abilities. He then leaves Gordon to lớn be executed by the pair of dirty cops, but Gordon is saved by Penguin, who had learned of Galavan"s release. Galavan later snatched Bruce Wayne at the manor.


Theo after being killed by Gordon and Penguin.

Theo tells Silver khổng lồ make Bruce Wayne fall in love with her to showroom further torment to him before they kill him. Theo catches Silver and Bruce running away và imprisons both of them. Theo và the brothers come khổng lồ get Bruce, who says he loves Silver and kisses her. Theo compliments Silver, & they go to the ceremony. Father Creel is about to lớn kill Bruce when Silver yells at him to lớn stop. Bruce"s rescue party, led by Jim và Oswald, burst through the door. Theo grabs Silver and flees with Tabitha. The three head to Theo"s office where they don parachutes. Tabitha notes there is only two, and Theo says Silver isn"t coming with them. Theo wants to take a moment to express his disappointment in Silver, but Tabitha asks him to lớn let her be. Theo approaches Silver with his hand outstretched, and Tabitha knocks him out. Theo comes khổng lồ in time to see Tabitha strapping Silver in. She pushes Silver out the window and says she needs khổng lồ look after number one, before fleeing out the window. Jim comes through the door, & orders Theo to cuff himself. After Theo puts the cuffs on, he gloats that he will get off again, & Jim aims his gun at Theo"s head, noting he might be right. Theo backtracks và says he was just talking tough. Captain Nathaniel Barnes comes in và orders Jim to put the gun down. Oswald smashes Barnes over the head with a vase và tells Jim they have lớn kill Theo lớn make surehe is defeated. Jim & Oswald take Theo lớn the Southside Docks. Theo says Jim is a man of principle and says he will regret this. Jim says he has many regrets, but this won"t be at the đứng top of the list. Resigned lớn his fate, Theo kneels before Oswald & Jim and laments that it will be a beautiful morning. Theo bids Jim goodbye and Oswald starts beating him mercilessly with a baseball bat as vengeance for his mother"s murder. Theo begs Jim to lớn kill him, & Jim shoots him through the chest. Oswald then pushed an umbrella down Theo"s throat, as Jim walked away. After his death, Theo"s body toàn thân was taken from the morgue lớn Indian Hill to be experimented on by Professor Strange.

While Hugo Strange was talking to Victor Fries about their upcoming collaboration, Theo Galavan"s body was shown in a special tube alongside the other dead bodies.


Theo"s body toàn thân was used by Hugo Strange as part of his plan to reanimate the dead & during the experiment he was given the name Patient 44. Theo was revived quickly, with enhanced physical abilities and Hugo và Ethel Peabody watched as he kills the orderlies present while rambling, before exclaiming "Azrael!"


Theo as Azrael.

Theo started rambling incoherently, và Strange realized his mind was fractured because he couldn"t handle being resurrected. Strange looked through the Order of St. Dumas book, & learned about Azrael. Strange approached Theo and said he was Theo"s father. He convinced him lớn take up the mantle of Azrael và kill Jim Gordon. Wearing armour, a mask, & armed with a sword, Theo attacked Jim while he was with Bruce Wayne and Captain Nathaniel Barnes. He was chased off by the police firing at him and stumbled through an alleyway where he saw one of his old chiến dịch posters. Theo had some flashes of his past but hurried away lớn complete his mission. Theo went to the GCPD, where he fought Jim và Barnes. Barnes lured Theo to the rooftop where they fought. Khổng lồ Theo"s disbelief, Barnes broke Theo"s sword with a pipe and then hit him with the pipe. Theo"s mask fell off, and Barnes was shocked lớn see that Theo was alive. Theo took advantage of the distraction và stabbed Barnes with the broken sword. Jim showed up on the roof và saw Theo"s face before shooting him until he fell off the roof. Theo survived and fled after being seen by the world on the news. Later that evening Theo watches Gordon leaving the precinct from a bridge. He then went off into the night.

Second death

Theo"s quest khổng lồ find the real sword of sin brought him to the Dumas crypt, where he came across Jim, Bullock, và Tabitha. Theo immediately engaged fight with Jim & kicking him through the door of the crypt. Theo then moved to lớn continue their duel but was blocked by Tabitha, who attempted khổng lồ stall Theo by giving him the sword & taking a shot at restoring Theo"s memories of who he was before Strange resurrected him & conditioned his mind with memories of Azrael. Theo remembered Bruce và how his main mission was to ensure that the Son of Gotham dies. He then recalled Tabitha"s betrayal và stabbed her in the stomach, thanking her for reminding him và calling her a traitor as he departed.


Theo is killed for the second time

Theo then headed for Wayne Manor, breaking in & engaging in a duel with Alfred, a fight which Alfred loses. Theo then chased after Bruce, who made his way to lớn the parking garage of the manor. Bruce then used a oto to ram into Theo and drive out of the garage. Theo recovered from the attack and used Tabitha"s whip to lớn strangle Bruce. Jim then showed up with Alfred & shot Theo in various places in his upper body. Still alive, Theo made a last attempt to lớn kill Bruce Wayne. Oswald Cobblepot & Butch Gilzean arrived, with Butch using a rocket launcher khổng lồ blow up Theo.


While at a press conference, Aubrey James mentioned that the Gotham đô thị Officials have been running Gotham city ever since Theo Galavan"s first death.

At Mayor Oswald Cobblepot"s party at The Sirens, Bruce và Alfred thank Mayor Cobblepot for saving them from Theo Galavan upon having Butch Gilzean using a bazooka on him. Alfred mentions khổng lồ Mayor Cobblepot that it took Stan the Gardener weeks to lớn pick up the ex-mayor"s pieces.

During No Man"s Land, Bruce Wayne mentioned Theo Galavan alongside Ra"s al Ghul as examples for people who caused mayhem in Gotham đô thị because of him.


"My forefathers were betrayed, their legacy erased, và I am here khổng lồ punish those who wronged us and reclaim what is ours."—Theo Galavan

Theo Galavan was a very charismatic individual, able to present himself as a selfless benefactor, anh hùng and mentor to the Maniax and Gotham City. He equates his hostile takeover of the thành phố as a stage & everyone working under him, Jerome, Barbara & even Tabitha as stagehands for his own designs and is willing to lớn sacrifice any of them for the collective greater good. In reality Galavan was a cunning mastermind whose charitable & benevolent acts were only illusions to lớn his true, villainous and depraved nature.

Since the Waynes" desecrated his family name và destroyed the legacy of Dumas, Galavan took it upon himself khổng lồ rectify the misdeeds made against his ancestors & avenge them in their name, which he seems lớn believe is righteous justice. This relentless drive has turned him into an utter psychopath as Tabitha notes that he was a much different person before he was discovered by the monks it St. Dumas. Galavan follows his family ways to lớn a degree of almost sheer fanaticism. He would spare no resource or means to kết thúc the Waynes" the exact same they did to lớn the Dumas" from possessing the exact same knife that Caleb"s hand was cut with khổng lồ slice Bruce Wayne"s throat.

Ironically, for someone who is devoted to lớn his family (more specifically regaining their former glory), Galavan actually cares very little for his family in a personal sense, more accurately his current one; his sister và niece. Though Galavan was said khổng lồ be kind to Tabitha once and allowed her to have her fun, initially at the first stages of his plans as they progressed, he began finding her juvenile attitude irksome & as her impulsiveness threatened his grander schemes, threatened her with death. Though he did plan to lớn escape Gotham thành phố with her, Tabitha had finally had enough of her abusive brother & abandoned him in the hands of Gordon. With Silver, she was only a tool khổng lồ Galavan to lớn use lớn manipulate Bruce Wayne into surrendering and wilfully gave her the impossible task of getting Bruce to lớn fall in love with her again otherwise he would kill her for Silver"s compassion towards Bruce. Though seemingly pleased when she succeeded, Galavan would have strangled her for protesting the ceremony.

With most of the Maniax, Galavan utilized them as tools lớn plunge Gotham into further anarchy so he could rebuild the city but with Jerome, took a more inspirational figure và mentor lớn manipulate him. Though Jerome seemed lớn respect Galavan for promising to turn him into a star, he was very shocked when he was stabbed in the neck by the latter, although he was apologetic for doing so. He and Barbara had a romantic, or perhaps just a physical relationship for a time & amongst other things, divulged his plans and backstory to lớn her & granted her wish of killing Jim Gordon implies he held her with more regard than the rest of the Maniax.

Powers và abilities


"He calls himself Azrael. He"s armed, dangerous, & has exhibited some extraordinary physical abilities."—Nathaniel Barnes Reanimated physiology:
Theo was artificially reanimated back lớn life by Hugo Strange. The side effects of his reanimation includes enhanced physical abilities as well as a fractured mental state and a highly delusional personality.Superhuman strength: After his reanimation, Hugo Strange notes that Theo was as strong as an ox. He was able to toss strong orderlies around with just a push of his hand. He can physically overpower anyone with just one hand, making him very dangerous. He was also able lớn severely crack the glass protecting Strange & Peabody with his fist.Superhuman speed: After his reanimation, Hugo notes that Theo was as fast as a snake. He was able khổng lồ move & react faster than shotgun rounds. This also enhances his reflexes & athleticism in combat.

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Accelerated healing: After his reanimation, all of the serious physical injuries Theo received at the hands of Oswald as well as the bullet wound he received from Jim Gordon, were healed up without scarring by his enhanced metabolism. He even survived being shot multiple times by Jim Gordon.Superhuman durability: After his reanimation, Theo"s physical bone structure & muscle strength were increased. He fell off a building và was able to walk away without any lingering injuries or pain.


Genius-level intellect/Master tactician/Business acumen: Theo was a highly intelligent individual as well as a highly-skilled planner. He was able to come up with a plan that would allow him khổng lồ become mayor of Gotham, take control of Wayne Tech, và kill Bruce to lớn get revenge for his ancestors. He was also able to lớn become a billionaire by running a successful business."Go ahead Jim, take your best shot. Save Gotham."—Theo before fighting Jim Gordon. Master hand-to-hand combatant/Martial artist: Theo was shown lớn have advanced martial arts skills as seen when he manages to best Jim Gordon in hand-to-hand combat, with little effort. This combined with his enhanced physical abilities, making him a very powerful fighting machine. His fighting style seems to comprise of Savate, Karate, Taekwondo, & Muay Thai.Expert swordsman: While he believed he was Azrael, Theo showed a level of expertise using a sword during his fights with Barnes và Alfred.Expert marksman: Theo was highly trained in the use of firearms. He was able to lớn take out a few police officers in quick successionusing Jim Gordon"s gun during his attack on the GCPD.Guerrilla warfare: Theo was able lớn use predatory techniques và disappear into the shadows.Freerunning: He has shown himself lớn be an excellent không tính tiền runner, which combined with his inhuman speed makes it very easy for him to escape.Stealth: Theo was able to attack several officers from behind without them realizing it during his attack at the GCPD.Former abilitiesPolitical power: As stated by Oswald, Theo had the politicians & courts of Gotham đô thị at his command. He even used his political power lớn become mayor of Gotham City, for short time.Master of deception: Theo was able to put on a facade as a well-liked & respected businessman, fooling others including the pawns in his schemes.


Azrael armor: The armor he wore during his missions, it was capable of protecting him from assault from various firearms. It even helped him blend in with the darkness và shadows, helping his guerrilla warfare abilities.Sword of Sin: He found the Sacred Sword of Sin, an ancient artifact used by the Dumas Family"s immortal warrior Azrael. The sword was created by the monks of the Order of St. Dumas, & it was rumored lớn possesses supernatural powers, even though none of these have been seen.

Former equipment

Guns/Firearms: Theo Galavan has handled differentfirearms primarily revolvers and handguns. He temporarilyused Jim Gordon"s handgun during his assassination attempt on his life.Replica sword: He was also given a replica of the Order of Saint Dumas" Sacred Sword of Sin, which was originally given khổng lồ him by Hugo Strange khổng lồ fully accept his new identity and to inspire him to truly transform into his Azrael persona, but he began using it as a combat weapon.Polearm:Theo Galavan temporarilyused a polearm on an armor display at the Mausoleum khổng lồ throw at Jim Gordon, though Gordon dodged it just in time.Bullwhip: Theo Galavantook his sister, Tabitha"s bullwhip after stabbing her. He temporarilyused it against Bruce Wayne during his attempted murder of him.Vast resources: Oswald stated to Jim Gordon that Theo Galavan had billions of dollars at his command as well as a vast business empire.




Even though the character of Theo Galavan is an original creation, the mantle Azrael that he takes on in "Wrath of the Villains: Azrael" derives from the comic books. Azrael debuted in Batman: Sword of Azrael #1 (October 1992) with his identity being Jean-Paul Valley. A second character to lớn take on the mantle of Azrael was Michael Lane. Both are members of the Order of St. Dumas, just like Theo.This is the first live-action portrayal of Azrael.Theo Galavan appears as one of the main antagonists in Season 2 (in the Rise of the Villains arc) & returns as a major antagonist during the Wrath of the Villains arc. Theo appears as a sole main antagonist in 4 episodes: The Son of Gotham, Worse Than A Crime, Azrael & Unleashed. Hugo Strange also appears as one of the main antagonists in Season 2 (in the Wrath of the Villains arc) and as a sole antagonist in 3 episodes: Pinewood, A Legion of Horribles and Transference. Overall, Galavan and Strange appear as a primary antagonists of Season 2; this is also reflected in two episodes, "Azrael" & "Unleashed", where those two create "a sort of" alliance when they have a few common goals: khổng lồ rule the thành phố of Gotham and to kill Bruce Wayne và his allies.Theo Galavan is one of fourcharacters that appear to lớn be an original creation of the show at first, only to lớn be revealed khổng lồ be based on a comic book character later on. The other three characters are Nathaniel Barnes, who takes on the mantle of Executioner, Butch Gilzean, who is revealed to lớn be the show"s version of Solomon Grundy, and Arthur Penn, who turns out to lớn be Ventriloquist và Scarface.Theo Galavan, Crispus Allen, Renee Montoya and Sofia Falcone are the only main characters who never had any appearances apart from the season in which they were regulars.Theo Galvan is the first of three villains who managed to destroy Penguin"s criminal empire completely, the others being Edward Nygma & Sofia Falcone.


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Từ những video game “Arkham” nổi tiếng tính đến bộ cha phim nổi tiếng của đạo diễn Christopher Nolan, Batman đã trở thành siêu anh hùng được yêu thương thích số 1 bởi cả fan hâm mộ lâu năm lẫn người theo dõi đại chúng. Bất kỳ là vì những món phụ khiếu nại xịn, hóa học thuwcjc ủa nhân vật, xuất xắc bộ trang phục ngầu, tất cả một cái gì đó về Batman rất đặc biệt để phần đông người thương mến trên khắp thay giới. Tuy nhiên, có nhiều phiên bản khác nhau cảu Batman/Bruce Wayne trường tồn trong thế giới comic xuất xắc cả phim ảnh, mà lại không phải ai ai cũng nắm rõ. Chính vì như thế trong bài viết này, ta sẽ đến với list 8 phiên bạn dạng mạnh tuyệt nhất của Batman.

8. Azrael (Jean-Paul Valley)

Jean-Paul Valley Jr., tuyệt còn được biết đến với tên hiệu Arzael, từng là 1 trong sát thủ của tổ chức Order Of Saint-Dumas. Anh ta đóng một vai trò đặc biệt quan trọng và tạm vào vai Batman ở tình tiết “Batman Knightfall”, sau khoản thời gian Bruce Wayne bị bẻ gãy lưng bởi Bane. Tuy nhiên, Jean-Paul khác biệt hoàn toàn cùng với Bruce về những mặt. Đầu tiên, anh ta có ý niệm rằng khi cạnh tranh phải kẻ ác, ta cũng “chìm” xuống đáy giá trị như bọn chúng để vượt qua chúng, dẫn cho hậu trái một vài tử vong của kẻ thù. Bộ phục trang của Batman/Azrael cũng với vẻ ám muội và công nghệ hơn để anh ta truy lùng tội phạm.

7. Batman Zur-En-Arrh

Có lẽ là phiên phiên bản độc đáo độc nhất trong danh sách này, Batman Zur-En-Arrh là một trong những cá thể tới từ một địa cầu khác, và bao gồm diễn mạo kiểu như y không còn Bruce Wayne. Tất nhiên, điều ấy không có nghĩa rằng anh ta cũng hành động hệt như Bruce. Batman Zur-En-Arrh bao gồm thiên hướng chủ động và bạo lực hơn Batman thông thường. Nhưng dù có như thế, anh ta cũng sẽ không làm thịt kẻ thù, bởi vì anh ta có một sinh vật call là Bat-Mite, với vai trò là lương tâm, là giọng nói hiển hiện tại trong đầu mình.

6. Batman Beyond (Terry Mc

Chắc hẳn đó là một giữa những bộ trang phục Batman nổi bật, Terry Mc
Ginnis là tín đồ mang nhiệm vụ “Kỵ sĩ láng Đêm” trong tương lai. Anh ta được huấn luyện bởi bao gồm Bruce Wayne, nhưng điều ấy là không để vượt mặt những kẻ ác vào tương lai, nên bộ ngay cạnh của anh ta được thiết kế hiện đại hơn hẳn, vươt xa ngoài thời Bruce vẫn thực hiện Batman. Cùng với sự cung cấp của bộ đồ áo xịn, Terry là Batman khôn xiết lợi hại, nhưng tất cả một vụ việc tồn tại là: nếu như thiếu sự lí giải của Bruce, anh ta dễ trở phải lạc lối và chưa thực đủ phiên bản lãnh cứng cáp đương đầu kẻ địch.

5. Batman vào “Batman: The Animated Series”

Batman/Bruce Wayne trong series phim hoạt hình lừng danh này tài giỏi năng thám tử thừa trội. Đương nhiên anh ta hoàn toàn có thể đánh đấm cực kì lợi hại, dẫu vậy chính tài năng giải mã túng bấn mật, săn đón tội phạm cùng đương đầu với mọi khó khăn một phương pháp thông minh, hình dáng thám tử rất lâu rồi mới là điều khiến phiên bản này danh tiếng và được fan hâm mộ yêu mến suốt bao năm qua. Sát bên đó, phía trên cũng rất có thể là phiên bạn dạng Batman ít bạo lực nhất trong list này, và cũng hoàn toàn có thể là lí tưởng nhất.

4. Batman (Jason Todd)

Phiên phiên bản Batman của Jason Todd, cựu Robin, đấm đá bạo lực hơn rất nhiều so với Bruce Wayne. Trước nhất, anh ta thoải mái sử dụng súng và không hề có sự nhân từ so với kẻ thù. Thậm chí, anh ta còn xây cất một hang dơi của riêng mình để tiện tra tấn kẻ thù cho tới chết. Mặc mặc dù cho là thế, dẫu vậy Jason Todd gồm tiềm năng lớn để triển khai một Batman về sau với kĩ năng chiến đấu với sức khỏe tuyệt vời và hoàn hảo nhất khi được dạy dỡ vị Bruce; anh ta có thể là người anh hùng lúc Gotham đề xuất đến. Tuy nhiên, vật dụng duy nhất ngăn anh ta phát triển hết tiềm năng của mình chắc rằng chính là nhân cách, vày những hành động giết và tra tấn ở trên.

3. Flashpoint Batman (Thomas Wayne)

Thomas Wayne chủ yếu là phụ thân đẻ của Bruce Wayne, và tại một dòng nghịch lí thời gian, ông ta đang trở thành Batman sau loại đêm định mệnh. Cùng vì căm hận tội phạm sẽ tước đi sinh mạng con trai mình, Batman/Thomas Wayne là phiên phiên bản rất tàn bạo, tất cả diện mạo đáng sợ với không ngần ngại giết chết kẻ ác. Ông ta có tương đối nhiều điểm tương đồng với phiên bạn dạng Batman/Jason Todd sinh sống trên, nhưng điều khiến phiên bạn dạng này thừa trội rộng là bởi vì Thomas Wayne đã cải tiến và phát triển hết tiềm năng của mình, là một Batman khôn xiết lợi hại cùng ghê gớm.

2. The Dark Knight (tác trả Frank Miller)

Phiên bạn dạng Batman trong phim kinh khủng “Batman v Superman” hồi đầu năm mới nay đó là được dựa trên diễn biến “The Dark Knight Returns” của tác giả Frank Miller, với sự hung ác và ám muội hơn hẳn. Vày Bruce Wayne tại chỗ này đã già, tính kiên trì của ông ta cũng không hề nhiều, với tới hiệu quả là không thương nhớ tiếc khi ứng phó với kẻ thù. Với ghê nghiệm chuyển động nhiều năm, Batman này tỏ ra vô cùng hiệu quả, kinh hồn bạt vía và thậm chí còn là hạ được cả Superman. Điểm duy nhất hoàn toàn có thể coi là lỗi của Batman này đó là tuổi già, nên tất cả khỏe thì cũng không cấp tốc nhẹn như xưa.

1. Batman (Bruce Wayne)

Có một lí do tại sao khiến chúng ta đều thương yêu Batman nguyên bản và khiến anh ta đứng tại phần số 1 trong danh sách này. Sự phối kết hợp của trí thông minh, rèn luyện và sức mạnh đủ để đánh bại bất cứ kẻ thù làm sao là điều khiến mọi kẻ ác đề nghị khiếp sợ. Bruce đã dành hầu như thời gian dịp trẻ của bản thân để tập luyện cùng thuần thục đủ nhiều loại võ thuật, bên cạnh đó anh ta cũng tương đối nhạy bén cùng với các tài năng thám tử. Cùng nếu cố kỉnh chưa đủ làm bạn ấn tượng, Bruce làm toàn bộ mọi bài toán mà không còn giết bất cứ ai cả theo như đúng quy tắc tiên phong hàng đầu của anh ấy.

Một vài ba phiên bạn dạng đáng lưu giữ khác: Batman (đạo diễn Tim Burton), Batman (Dick Grayson), Batman Earth-2.

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